About Primer

The Primer app delivers fast, bite-sized, jargon-free lessons on business and marketing topics. It’s designed for time-crunched business owners and ambitious professionals who want to gain new skills and stay competitive in today’s ever-changing digital world. Primer’s lessons are curated and created by a small team at Google. We partner with top industry experts to bring our users the latest and most relevant topics, tips, strategies, and tutorials. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, email us at

What People Are Saying

“Amazing. The best summarized marketing education I have gotten in probably less than an hour.”

— Milen Kisov

“Primer: Google at their finest.”

— Karla Wheeler

“Super useful. In marketing, there are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around willy-nilly, but Primer breaks everything down in a useful, easy to comprehend way. Highly recommend.”

— Will~T

“As a digital marketer this app has aided me in knowing the basic concepts of marketing and key terms used in the digital adverts sector...great app.”

— Okemini Otum

“Extremely engaging and helpful! Easy, fun way to learn a lot quickly. If I could learn about any topic through this kind of engaging platform... I would be a smarter human being.”

— Lgzzz

“This is a dream. I'm a photographer with zero knowledge and experience in business. This has cut my learning curve down by almost 75 per cent.”

— Rodney Omeokachie