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Developing first-class skills to sell second-hand stuff

When Jenny Bersentes opened her own consignment shop, Consign Mine, she wanted her business to stand out. She eliminated appointments, unnecessary fees, and the need for sellers to include brand-name items. And though this helped her find sellers, buyers still couldn’t seem to find her.

Jenny realized that taking her business online might help her reach a wider audience. So despite a self-described lack of tech savvy, she turned to Primer.

Taking lessons while waiting to pick up her kids from after-school activities, Jenny learned the business skills she needed to boost awareness of her brand. She created an online marketplace, developing Consign Mine into a collective of over 1,000 consignors and 3,000 customers. And while she may sell fashion and home decor from an older generation, Jenny credits Primer with helping her business continue to stay on the cutting edge.

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