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Gaining control of finances as an act of empowerment

If women around the world were empowered to contribute to the economy as much as men are, it could add 26% to the annual global GDP – that’s roughly equivalent to the size of the US and Chinese economies combined. A major challenge, however, is the global gender gap in financial literacy.

Business owners Katherine, Heidi, and Helianti each overcame discrimination and harassment to start their own businesses, but they learned that running a business isn't easy, especially when it comes to managing finances. How do you price your products and services, how do you measure your business’ financial success, and how do you make sure you have enough cash to keep your business running?

With Primer, these three women learned the fundamentals of accounting, budgeting, and bookkeeping to stay in control of their business' finances. Using skills they learned, they empowered themselves to create economic opportunity, both for themselves and for their communities.

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