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Crafting a brand for handcrafted watches

Born into a business family, Abdul knew the basics of running a business, but he was struggling to find new customers and build a brand for his unique wooden wristwatches. Plus, since he was working long days to get TSAR Watches up and running, he didn't have time to attend classes where he could learn about doing business and marketing online.

With Primer, Abdul was able to learn how to build a brand and target the right customers by taking quick, simple lessons whenever he had a few minutes free during his busy day. Applying what he learned from Primer’s lessons on Google Analytics, Abdul was able to increase traffic to his website and convert more customers’ unfinished transactions into completed purchases. Today, TSAR watches is the first company in India to bring hand⁠-⁠crafted wooden watches to happy customers in India and around the world.

Consign Mine

Developing first-class skills to sell second-hand stuff

Women-Owned Businesses

Gaining control of finances as an act of empowerment